Fabio Quartararo Shifts MotoGP Focus - "2023 Is Basically Over"

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Published:   30th October 2023

After a successful Thai Grand Prix, Fabio Quartararo shifts his MotoGP focus on the next season. He wants a competitive bike for 2024.

With immense patience, Fabio Quartararo diligently strives to enhance his Yamaha M1, facing varied degrees of success along the way in 2023.

After securing a fifth-place finish in the Thailand race, the 2021 MotoGP World Champion casually classifies his performance as second-tier. He remarked, “I’m happy about the exciting race; it was enjoyable.”

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“Nevertheless, the results today and in the upcoming races aren’t my primary concern. 2023 is basically over so my focus is solely on gaining insights to develop a competitive bike for 2024,” he emphasized.

In this context, the French rider expressed his satisfaction, stating, “This race provided valuable insights into our weaknesses.”

To progress, the eleven-time MotoGP winner is already strategizing for the remaining three races in Sepang, Qatar, and Valencia.

“Historically, we haven’t performed well on these upcoming tracks. Hence, these Grand Prix races serve as a significant assessment for us. They pinpoint our current standing and areas needing improvement.”

Despite his forward-looking perspective for the next year, “El Diablo,” the first Frenchman to clinch the premier class world championship, delivered an impressive performance in Thailand.

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He observed, “We handle used tires better than many opponents, which was evident in our strong finish.”

This strong finish enabled him to successfully outpace Marc Márquez, earning him the best rider on a Japanese bike title.

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