Fabio Quartararo Fears Disaster Season - "What is happening?"

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Yamaha finally manages to make a leap in terms of top speed, but after the Sepang test, there is still disillusionment in the Japanese’s box.

With a measured top speed of 335.4 kph, Yamaha meets the demands of Fabio Quartararo and Franco Morbidelli and delivers more engine power for the 2023 season. 

However, despite the massive step forward, there is great disillusionment in the Japanese pit box after the Sepang test.

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While both Yamaha riders were still able to keep up with their competitors on the first two days of the test, the Japanese’s big deficit became apparent in Time Attack mode on Sunday. 

Fabio Quartararo warns: “We don’t know why we are so far behind, because we tried a time attack. But on fresh tyres, it’s a disaster!”

Actually, the Frenchman was very satisfied with the work of his team. “I’m quite happy with the top speed, with the pace on used tyres.”

However, the Japanese are currently lacking in qualifying pace – a one-second gap to the leading Ducati of Luca Marini is the result.

“I think for Portimao we need a reset. Last year we were only twelfth here in qualifying,” said Quartararo.

The Frenchman is trying not to lose his confidence in the team. “I hope we can make another step.”

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Unfortunately, he does not have a solution for the acute problems at the moment. “I don’t know what’s going on! That’s the biggest problem with it,” said a baffled Quartararo. 

“It’s not like I come back to the pits and say my front wheel keeps slipping or I have no grip.”

Yamaha Paradox - "What's Happening?!"

Above all, he said, the problem was that the bike didn’t feel slow at all. It was only when he looked at the timing sheet that disappointment set in for the Frenchman.

“When I don’t look at the timing and I don’t see the lap time, it feels like I’m doing low 1:58s. But it’s low 1:59 times. What’s happening?!”

Unfortunately for Yamaha, due to the introduction of sprint races next season, their qualifying pace shortage could become a real problem. Quartararo cautions:

“We need to find out what the problem is. Because every year qualifying becomes more important, but every year we have more problems in this area.”

The Frenchman wants more work on qualifying pace for the next test in Portimao. “In terms of pace, I feel quite strong.”

“But if you don’t qualify well, you can’t fight for the win, not even for the top 5. We will have to work on that in Portimao.”

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