Enea Bastianini Encounters a Well-Known Bestia-Ducati Problem

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Even after his shoulder injury, Enea Bastianini continues to struggle with the GP23. The Italian encounters a familiar problem that already held him back in 2022.

After suffering a serious shoulder injury in the first sprint of the year in Portimao, Enea Bastianini has been slow to get back into the MotoGP rhythm.

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Although not much can be expected from him after a fractured scapula, Bastianini admits to a lack of feeling “like [he] had last season”.

“I still don’t have what allows you to do something extra in the race,” he told GPOne.com. “In the race [German Grand Prix] I saw that I was struggling to overtake.”

The 2022 World Championship bronze medallist continues to search for more front-end feeling, a problem that despite performing incredibly well already haunted him last season.

"Not at full fitness yet"

“Every time I tried to overtake they immediately crossed me and I could not close off the corner. I’m still lacking feeling on the front.”

Still being in recovery mode a bit, the Italian wants to fully attack again after the summer break in Silverstone as he is “not at full fitness yet”.

Although his physical condition has improved a lot, Bastianini confirms he is not at the same level as before the incident yet.

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His magnificent performance at the Sachsenring, where Bastianini finished eighth was all the more astonishing.

“I feel much better physically and I finished quite well at the end of the race, without being too exhausted.”

“I was hoping it would go a little better at the start, but I got bottled in a little bit and I wasn’t able to get back up the field.”

“In the end it went pretty well and the second half of the race went as I expected.”

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