Drama In Argentina - Facility in "unacceptable" Condition

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Arriving in Argentina, the teams of the MotoGP circus discover the Autodromo Termas de Rio Hondo in terrible condition.

After the MotoGP teams arrived in Argentina, there is a lot of incomprehension about the poor condition of the entire site.

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Numerous complaints were received by MotoGP Paddock Manager Geoff Dixon, who shows understanding and tries to appease.

The Englishman usually arrives at the tracks a few days in advance to prepare the organization of the paddock. He allocates the available pits to the teams, and organizes the set-up of the hospitalities.

In an e-mail to the teams, Dixon asks for forgiveness: “I am absolutely aware of the situation we are in in terms of equipment and the state of the facilities in the paddock. What we have found here in Argentina is totally unacceptable.”

The Problems In Argentina Have A Pattern

Several meetings with the track operators had already taken place in the winter to fix the years of on-site problems in Termas.

Dixon writes that by the Grand Prix start this weekend, all problem areas should have been eliminated.

“We are disappointed that we encountered such a low level of GP preparation. The teams’ offices were in a dirty state and large amounts of the material and equipment were lost.”

“After a few meetings during the winter, we were assured that all the problems of previous years would be eliminated. Nevertheless, exactly the opposite happened.”

The Englishman is disappointed with the track operators once again. They had promised that the track would be in an acceptable condition.

“We hope that all the problems will be addressed and solved. But honestly, I can’t imagine it will be successful. We can only ask the teams to manage the situation as best they can.”

Already in 2021, the Autodromo caused turmoil after the Argentine Grand Prix had to be postponed first from spring to fall after a massive fire in one of its facilities.

Later that year, the race had to be canceled altogether due to the rebuilding of the facility not being finished on time.

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