Dorna Sports Announces New Additions To 'Road To MotoGP' in Latin America

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Since bringing together several MotoGP junior classes, Dorna’s youth development program “Road to MotoGP” has increased its reach around the globe. Now, Latin America will be included, too.

The “Road to MotoGP” program will get two additions in Latin America – the Latin America Talent Cup and FIM MiniGP Latin America Series. 

The two junior series will include riders from twenty countries (list below article) that will be selected by the respective federation. 

Both series will begin in 2023 and will feature 15 riders aged 10 to 14 in FIM MiniGP Latin America Series and 25 riders aged 14 to 21 in the Latin America Talent Cup. 

Race calendars for both classes with races in Chile, Argentina, and Brazil are already planned out, but could still be modified in the future. 

The Latin America Talent Cup will be connected to the Red Bull Rookies Cup and the SSP300 class in the Italian National Championship (CIV). 

The winner of the Latin America Talent Cup will be promoted to the SSP300 class of the CIV. The best three will get a chance to be selected for Red Bull Rookies Cup for the following season.

The FIM MiniGP Latin America Series will initially consist of a 160cc class before being supplemented by a 190cc class in 2025.

The best riders from the 160cc class will be promoted to the 190cc class which will then lead to the Latin America Talent Cup. With the two talent series, Dorna hopes to open up a previously untapped Latin American market. 


Riders from these countries are eligible:

Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina

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