Dorna Boss Carmelo Ezpeleta: 'MotoGP Is Not A Circus, We Will Certainly Not Change The Bike'

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Criticism of the racing action at MotoGP 2022 shows no sign of abating. Dorna boss Carmelo Ezpeleta defends himself against the accusations.

For many riders and fans of the racing series, the culprit is easily found. The triggers for the lull of race action have been identified as rampant aerodynamics and ride-height devices that make overtaking increasingly difficult.

After years of steady ascent, MotoGP now seems to be at a turning point. Calls for an adjustment to the regulations in this regard are therefore becoming louder.

However, Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta denies regulation changes “just for the sake of it”. The Spaniard states: “We’re certainly not going to change the bikes just to have more overtaking.”

For Ezpeleta the focus of MotoGP lies on something else: “For us it is important that the championship is balanced and financially sustainable for all participants.

On top of that, the 77 year-old does not seem convinced of the lull in overtaking: It’s not like we don’t have position changes at all”

He continues: “There may be fewer of them, but they still exist. MotoGP is not a circus. We’re doing what we agreed to do with the manufacturers.”

The current contract period runs until the end of the 2026 season. Until then, there won’t be big changes to the regulations. But for the people that get their hope up for the period after that, should be warned. 

We may never see classic bikes without higher forms of aerodynamics: “Today, many street bikes already have wings. How can we then ban them in MotoGP?”

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