Criticism From Giacomo Agostini - What The Grandmaster Thinks Of The New MotoGP Bikes

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Dissatisfaction with the current state of MotoGP is growing. Now record world champion Giacomo Agostini finds some harsh words. 

In the 70 year history of the World Championship no rider has been able to win more races and championships than Giacomo Agostini. 

The now 80 year-old enjoys legendary status within the paddock and still is a welcomed guest. However now, he might have upset some of the MotoGP paddock members.

– Image provided by Motorsport Images

In an interviews with, the Italian criticizes the MotoGP officials for “making the sport more and more dangerous”.

He states: “I don’t like the current MotoGP bikes. The power needs to be reduced. It does not add anything to the show and only makes the sport more dangerous.”

“It also takes the fun out of riding the bikes because pilots can no longer rely on their throttle hand, but only on the electronic aids. With less power, the crashes wouldn’t be as dangerous and the spectacle would still be greater.”

Agostini refers to the smaller classes: “The battles in Moto2 and Moto3 are brilliant. The engine power doesn’t play a role there. In the smaller classes the riders provide the show.”


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