Clear Goals For 2023 - HRC President Watanabe: "Reclaim All Three MotoGP Titles"

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For Honda Racing Corproation, the 2022 MotoGP season was ill-starred. The Japanese team only managed a single podium. This is set to change in 2023. HRC President Watanabe sets the direction.

Honda did not manage a single victory in 2022, and the season will go down in history as one of the Japanese team’s worst campaigns. A failed concept and a lack of development work, which progressed only slowly, made the situation worse.

Marc Marquez during the Valencia post-season test – Image provided by Motorsport Images

Since Marc Marquez’s sensational season in 2019, things have been going downhill for Honda in MotoGP. After several surgeries, the Spaniard is now hoping for his first full season in three years. For Honda, probably the most important point for a successful season.

After the disappointments of the last few years, HRC is now hoping to make amends. A lot of work lies ahead for the Japanese.

During HRC’s “2023 Motorsport Announcement”, HRC President Koji Watanabe spoke about the further development of the MotoGP project. For the Japanese, the main focus is on the aerodynamics department. 

“In order to make improvements in the future, we are working with our automotive department to improve in the area of aerodynamics for 2023,” Watanabe said.

Like KTM, they are trying to combine the efforts of all parts of the company to catch up with the competition as quickly as possible. 


Honda wants to find its way back to its old strength through collective work. Watanabe has set big goals for 2023: “Our clear goal is to reclaim all three titles. The MotoGP title has the highest priority.”

“In 2022 we couldn’t celebrate a MotoGP victory, but Marc Márquez brought us a podium in the second half of the season.” 


With the Spaniard’s re-entry into the championship in the second half of the season, the Japanese performance curve pointed slightly upwards. It seems only Marquez can ride the MotoGP Honda competitively on the track. 

The Honda superstar joined by video message. He emphasises that he wants to do well in 2023 for his and his manufacturer’s fans.

“I’m trying to start the 2023 season in the best possible way. I want to overcome all the bad moments with good results on the track.”


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