Brad Binder Didn't know About the Danger Of An Incoming Track Limits Penalty

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At the sprint in Assen, Brad Binder is relegated to fifth place after a track limits penalty. However, he has a very reasonable way of handling the mess.

In the last lap of the Dutch Grand Prix Sprint. KTM rider Brad Binder gave it his all against rival Fabio Quartararo to claim his fourth career sprint podium.

However, the joy in the KTM box did not last long. Looking at the timing screens, Binder had been given a three-second penalty after a third track limits violation on the last lap.

The curious thing: The South African did not know about the danger of an incoming long-lap penalty in the fight for the podium.

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Usually, MotoGP riders are informed of their violations by means of a track limit warning, in the sprint three offenses result in a penalty, in the main races five.

Binder, however, insists he did not get the track limits warnings displayed. That’s why he took a lot of risk on the last lap with a rushing Fabio Quartararo behind him.

“For whatever reason, it didn’t show me on the dashboard that I already had a warning for track limits.”

“I didn’t realize I was on the green. I only realized that when I was shown the long lap. When I came into the pits, I asked my team what I had done. At that point, I was still 100 percent sure I wasn’t even on the green.”

Very Reasonable Brad Binder

Despite the unfortunate situation, the two-time sprint winner didn’t make a fuzz about his rather curious penalty.

Although KTM had gone to the stewards to look at the evidence of the offense, after presenting it the South African accepted the penalty, even though it was “only by millimeters”.

“They showed me all three offenses. I only drove over those few millimeters, but rules are rules. I will put in a little more leeway on Sunday, now we should laugh about it.”

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