Brad Binder Reveals his Realistic target For 2023 And we are in for it

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For the upcoming season, Brad Binder is sure he has the best opportunity in his MotoGP career. The South African sets himself a realistic goal.

After his first winless season in MotoGP, Brad Binder wants to return to the front of the grid in 2023. Although the South African’s results did not include a win, Binder managed to flatten out his performance peaks and spread them over the course of the entire season.

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The result is an incredibly consistent 2022 season. Although the year did not go perfectly for him and KTM, a lot can be expected from the Austrians in the new season.

Brad Binder is in the best position of his MotoGP career: “I honestly believe this is the best opportunity I’ve had in MotoGP so far. I’m going into the year feeling optimistic.”

The two-time MotoGP race winner knows that KTM has worked a lot on various problem areas over the winter.


Having partnered with ex-F1 engineers to transform KTM’s department of aerodynamics, the signs are looking good for the Austrians.

“I have a lot of confidence in my team and the bike they’ve given me. I know that together we can do a great job.”

For Binder, a change of strategy in the development work of his Austrian employer was already noticeable last season.

Instead of testing parts every race weekend and bringing new, small upgrades, they scaled back their development work a bit and took a more cautious approach. 

“Everything is slower to come [now] but when it does come it’s always a good step in the right direction. It was positive for all of us. This was a key difference last year,” explains the South African.

KTM often gave the impression that some upgrades were developed on the off-chance of massive profits.

Shots in the dark like these have completely vanished, says Binder. Everything they bring us is to serve a purpose and touch a problem we have.”

Knowing that massive investments have been made in aerodynamics, Binder sets himself a realistic goal.

“I’ve finished sixth for two years running and I honestly believe if we make a small step forward it can go a long way.”

In 2023, the South African wants to achieve his best MotoGP season. If the top of the field is as close as last year, he and KTM could be in the mix.

“I want to change fighting for that top 6 to hopefully be fighting amongst the top 3. I believe it’s something I’m capable of and that’s my goal for the season.”

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