Brad Binder on Oliveira-decision - "Can't Hide The Fact That I was Happy With The Decision'

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KTM rider Brad Binder will lose his teammate Miguel Oliveira for the new season. The South African comments on the change in the neighboring garage.

After a long start-up period in MotoGP, things went better and better for KTM from 2019 onwards. In 2022, however, things took a step backward. 

KTM’s MotoGP project could use a little push for 2023 – Image provided by Motorsport Images

The Austrians are now trying to upgrade for the new season. In the aerodynamics department, they are strengthening their cooperation with Formula 1 engineers. For the bike next to Brad Binder, the team brought in Jack Miller for 2023.


The Australian has a lot of experience and knowledge about the currently strongest bike. With Miller coming in, Miguel Oliveira had to make way.

In an interview with, Brad Binder talks about his relationship with his former teammate.

“I had a good relationship with Miguel. We were teammates in the two small Aki Ajo classes for many years. I wish him the best for the next step.”

The relationship with Oliveira had only suffered after Binder’s MotoGP promotion in 2019. Oliveira was already riding for Tech3 in the premier class but was hoping for an early promotion after Johann Zarco was kicked out of the KTM factory team.

Instead of promoting the more experienced Portuguese, however, they preferred to bring MotoGP newcomer Brad Binder into the factory team.

Oliveira was surprised by the KTM management’s decision and made his displeasure known.

His then-teammate Brad Binder took the situation in stride, saying that he could not be held responsible for the quite debatable decision. 

“Miguel’s anger wasn’t directed at me at the time. I can not hide the fact that I was happy with the decision. It paid off for me.”

Rollout for Brad BInder in his debut MotoGP season – Image provided by Motorsport Images

Despite an extension offer combined with a move back to the Tech3 satellite team, the Portuguese left the KTM structure for RNF Aprilia. 

Oliveira leaving means Brad Binder will have a good friend next to him in the garage for the 2023 season. The South African is delighted. 

“Jack is a really good friend of mine. He brings a mountain of knowledge about the bike to beat at the moment. I think the good thing is that he can compare the KTM to his previous ones.”

Binder himself has not yet had the chance to ride a bike other than the KTM. “I have only ridden the KTM so far, which is not a bad thing. I just haven’t had a chance to try how other bikes feel.”


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