Augusto Fernandez Reveals How a Finn Helped Him Take his First Steps In MotoGP

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February 2023 might have been one of the most exciting months of Augusto Fernandez’s life. The rookie talks about his first steps in MotoGP.

Moto2 World Champion Augusto Fernandez was allowed to get on a MotoGP bike for the first time at the MotoGP test weekends in Sepang.

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Two weeks later it is clear: the rookie, like his teammate Pol Espargaro, will get the latest 2023 spec RC16 from KTM.

Even though he was a bit behind the experienced MotoGP stars, the rookie attracted attention with good lap times and visually enjoyed his first outings on the bike.

In an interview with, he explains why the slight drop in pace at the IRTA test does not worry him:

“I focused on adapting my riding style at the Sepang test because there I have to change a few things compared to Moto2.”

“I didn’t want to prioritize lap times, but rather look to make my riding style safer and adapt it to the MotoGP class.”

A Helping Hand By A Finn

In this regard, the Spaniard especially thanks the new Riding Coach of the KTM structure Mika Kallio.

The Finn has now been supporting the KTM riders in terms of adapting their riding styles since retiring as the Austrians’ test rider.

“I worked closely with Mika Kallio, and also with Dani [Pedrosa], we had some meetings together.”

“We looked at the data and analyzed my riding to improve my performance. This is definitely a big help for me.”

The test in Portimao should be more exciting for the young Spaniard. One week before the first race of the new season, he should then also get involved in the development of the RC16, too.

In Sepang, working on the bike was still reserved for the MotoGP routiniers of the KTM structure.

Fernandez knows: “I had to understand the bike and its behavior first before I start trying new parts.”

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