Another Surgery - Marc Marquez Hopes For Speedy Winter Recovery

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Published:   29th November 2023

One day after his debut with Ducati, MotoGP superstar Marc Marquez has to have surgery on his arm. He hopes for a speedy recovery. 

Marc Marquez bids farewell to the season with a surgical appointment. As he announced on his social media channels, on Wednesday morning, he underwent surgery on his right arm in Madrid by his trusted doctor, Dr. Roger de Ona, who had already assisted Marquez in the healing of his prolonged upper arm injury.

“I had problems with compartment syndrome in my right arm in the second half of the season.”

“We solved the problem this morning with Dr. Ignacio Roger de Ona and his team to be ready for 2024,” writes Marquez.

Arm pump operations are considered routine in motorcycle racing, and nearly every MotoGP rider has undergone one or more such procedures.

However, this is Marquez’s first operation of this kind. In cases of arm pump discomfort, the sub-muscular tissue fills with blood during riding until pain and numbness occur.

The surgical procedure involves opening the fascia around the muscle to provide more space for expansion, thus preventing the mentioned complaints.

The operation does not require a long recovery period; the patient can resume normal training after a few days.

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