Alex Marquez Reveals What Is "Ruining The Sport" For Him

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After receiving a three-place grid penalty in Le Mans, Alex Marquez is unhappy with the decisions of the stewards. He feels they are “ruining the sport”.

Right at the start of the French Grand Prix in Le Mans, Gresini rider Alex Marquez misjudges and brushes Johann Zarco and Brad Binder in turn 6.

Binder in particular was hit hard and fell back to 18th place. While Marquez couldn’t finish the race after another incident with Luca Marini, Johann Zarco, and Brad Binder fought back to finish third and sixth.

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Only after the race, the Lap-1 incident became an issue. The MotoGP Stewards Panel consisting of Freddie Spencer, Andres Somolinos, and Tamara Matko gave Alex Marquez a three-place grid penalty for the next Grand Prix he will be attending.

In an interview with DAZN after the race, the Spaniard showed that he is heavily disagreeing with the jury’s decision.

Nothing More Than A Racing Incident

He believes it was a racing accident and explains: “I was behind Johann Zarco and after turn 5 I didn’t expect him to brake very early. I tried to avoid him – and touched Brad slightly.”

“I don’t know why they investigated the incident. To be honest, I don’t understand it, but it’s the same with a lot of other things with the race stewards.” The Spaniard is referring to the sometimes strange decisions made by the stewards in recent weeks.

“It’s a shame that the stewards are getting so involved this year because there are a lot of things that you don’t understand.”

“I told them that I don’t agree with it at all because there have been a lot of touches in the first laps this year. And it’s not like I stabbed into it, I was on the line, there was just a faint touch, but he lost a lot.”

Marquez finds grave words: “Honestly, I think they are ruining this sport, which is so wonderful.”

“In the end, we will make it so that we start with a one-second gap each, and qualifying will decide the race result,” the Moto3 and Moto2 world champion added sarcastically.

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