Aleix Espargaro Talks The Reasons Behind Worst Start Of The Season

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Due to his broken ankle from Silverstone, Aleix Espargaro did not expect a great result at the Austrian GP. However, at race start things got even worse.

After having already experienced issues with the starting device during Free Practice sessions, the grid could see Espargaro helplessly pumping the front of the bike in order to get the starting devices in place.

However, his desperate tries weren’t successful. Lights went out as the championship runner-up lost a lot of ground, showing just how much of an upgrade the starting device is. 

In an interview with the Spaniard states: “I already had some problems during the practices with the starting device. I was not able to put it on.”

Unfortunately, It happened in the race and I lost a lot of places at the start. But still, I was able to recover some places in the first lap.”

“Then I really had to push in the first part of the race to make up for the ground I lost at the start.”

Unfortunately, this should later take its toll on the Espargaro’s rear tire. After having recovered well over the course of the first half of the race. 

“I later paid [the price] as I destroyed my rear tire. But to be honest, I didn’t have the pace, thats’s the reality. I can not be happy with 6th place.” 

Espargaro talking the start disaster with his team –  Image provided by Motorsport Images

Even though he might have hoped for a better outcome of race sunday, Espargaro can still be proud of the performance he showed.

All weekend Aprilia was lacking pace in comparison to Ducati and Fabio Quartararo. Finishing 6th is therefore still on the better range of the scale.

I’m proud of my race. We knew before we arrived that this track [Red Bull Ring] will be difficult for us. In the end 6th place is not a total disaster.” 

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