Aleix Espargaro Reveals Reason For "Very Painful" Hell Injury

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In Mugello, Aleix Espargaro fights his way into Q2 in pain. The Spaniard reveals the reason for his “very painful” heel injury.

Even before a crash in the first practice session, fans see Aleix Espargaro limping in the Aprilia box. After his major fall in the first session of the weekend returns to the pit in tears.

He sits out the rest of the practice session, and for a short while, it looks as if the Spaniard will have to call off the entire weekend.

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However, despite the severe pain, Espargaro managed to qualify directly for Q2 in Practice 2 – but what happened? 

In the debrief after Practice 2 he explains how the seemingly very painful injury happened. The Aprilia rider crashed heavily during track practice and injured his back, arm, and heel.

After practice, he explained the reason for his fall: “But I was stupid and used the mobile phone. “I had a really bad fall. I hurt my back, and my arms, but the worst problem is my heel.”

While fortunately nothing is broken, “There is a lot of blood accumulating [in the heel].”

“Before the second training session, we removed the blood. That usually works. But I felt a lot of pain and couldn’t use the rear brake.”

At Aprilia’s home race in Mugello, of all places, Espargaro now has to start weakened. He apologizes to his team for his “stupid” mistake. Despite the pain, he does not want to give up.

“I apologized several times to the team. I will do my best [to make it up to them].”

The biggest problem for Espargaro is likely to be the braking phases at Mugelloo. Due to his heel injury, the Spaniard cannot use the rear brake, which of course affects the lap time. “I only used the front brake. Of course, this affects the performance,” he confirms. 

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